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Company started with the floorplan - so listings have floorplan, no floorplan in lots of listings increase quality of work for listings to showcase the houses in the best possible way - professionally taken photos and highly accurate floorplans school for engineering and architecture worked at architecture firm submitting plans to the city for approvalconstruction management for houses in vancouver and west vancouver moved into floorplan.

About Us

Scann3D looks to take advantage of the rapid advances of technology to help make real estate more accessible. By providing higher quality and more efficient marketing assets, our clients can reach a greater audience and buyers can have access to better information conveniently and readily. These tools allow us to showcase the best sides of homes and help all parties to best visualize the space without being restricted to real world conditions.

Richard Wang

Richard Wang studied Engineering and Architecture at both the University of British Columbia and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. After graduation, he gained high level experience at an architecture firm submitting plans to the city for approval as well as on real world know-how as a site manager for large residential projects in West Vancouver.

He eventually moved onto the technical asset side of real estate marketing and during this time, he heard from clients, friends and acquaintances that many listings lack floor plans. Using his own strong interest in, and upbringing around, technology to his advantage, he revolutionized the industry standard way of measuring by making full use of the tools available to him as well as creating tools that didn’t exist.

By increasing efficiency and availability, he wants to be able to provide all listings with a detailed and accurate floor plan, an essential asset that he believes helps sellers to reach more buyers, and buyers to make better informed decisions.
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